Om Shanti Tv

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Om Shanti TV
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Published on Nov 07, 2017
A Channel that Explore and Discover the Essence of Life. Om Shanti Tv Channel is the most recent television network with spiritual content, which explore and discover the essence of life. This Channel broadcasts Godlywood studio contents for 8 hours a day for the viewers of US & Canada. With the new serise of value-based program in Hindi, English along with Punjabi. It is an outcome of joint efforts from the Brahma Kumaris Godlywood studio is the producer and content partner of this Channel. Om Shanti Channel stared functioning with the blessings of all our Dadis and Seniors, shouldering the hopes and anticipations of BKs all around the world. It is an another milestone to take God's task of task of transformation to the next level. This channel is the most effective means of assisting people across the globe to take benefit from its spiritual treasures.
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