Tarra Layne
Tarra Layne

A Ukrainian Love Story | Over The Rainbow by Tarra Layne

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Tarra Layne
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Published on Apr 29, 2022
When President Zelenskyy encouraged musicians to tell their story at this year’s GRAMMY Awards® I did just that. “A Ukrainian Love Story’ was created for and about my husband who is a Legal Permanent Resident of the US and currently not able to leave Ukraine. Please help… CALL TO ACTION: WE NEED YOU TO SHARE ‘A Ukrainian Love Story.’ Reach out to and tag your state representatives urging them to issue a request of Ukraine to make it easier for LPRs to leave if they choose to do so. Help us spread awareness of male LPRs from all over the world in Andrii’s situation. Please help bring him home. For more information visit bit.ly/UkrainianLoveStory BACKGROUND: My husband Andrii was visiting family in Ukraine when Russia invaded. The country’s Martial Law holds Ukrainian males ages 18-60 from leaving the country for mobilization purposes. Andrii is a Ukrainian citizen - and always will be. He loves his country. Since we are married he is a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) of the United States who lives works and pays taxes here in America. All LPRs have been granted exclusion from Ukrainian Martial Law and the Mobilization Act but the government's protocol granting them the option to leave Ukraine is very complicated let alone impossible to complete. Because of this he is still prevented from crossing the border. CREDITS: 'A Ukrainian Love Story' extends a special thanks to GRAMMY® nominee J. Ivy for his beautiful poem. The tribute is produced and directed by Ken Rose and yours truly. Edited by Zack Roscoe. 'Over the Rainbow' by Tarra Layne is produced by Ted Wulfers and mixed by Adam Neilson. #UkrainianLoveStory #BringAndriiHome #UkraineWar #Ukraine #WorldNews
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