Duplicate Jaani Dushman | डुप्लीकेट जानी दुश्मन | Bollywood Hindi Film

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Published on Mar 03, 2016
Release Date - 2003 Genre - Hot, Mature Director - J. Neelam Starring - Shabnam, Sapna, Poonam Dasgupta, Aman Sagar, Brij Gopal Story:- Jwala Prasad is to marry the girl of his dreams. On the day of the marriage, she is dressed all in red, as is the tradition in India. Just before the wedding she slips off to meet her real lover. When Jwala finds out, he is so enraged that he turns into a monster and kills both the to-be bride and her male friend. The saga does not end here, and this monster continues to terrorize the region, first abducting brides dressed in red just before the wedding procession stops at a Mandir (temple). When a to-be groom finally confronts and kills the monster, it leaves the body of Jwala Prasad and possesses the body of its killer. And the terror continues.
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