Karate | Full Action Thriller | Mithun Chakroborty ,Yogita Bali

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Published on Apr 02, 2016
A scientist creates a diamond that can focus sun-rays to burn through anything. He hides the diamond in a necklace. Khan ( Kader Khan), in a bid to get the diamond, kills the scientist . The scientist's karate-learning sons, Desh (Deb) and Vijay (Mithun), are separated from each other and their mother. Vijay/Vijay grows up with his karate instructor while Desh is reared by a gypsy camp where he befriends Imran (Mazhar) . Khan tracks down the karate instructor who kills himself before Khan could torture him for information about the scientists missing sons and the necklace. The dying instructor gives the necklace to Vijay who later gives it to his girlfriend Aarti (Yogita) who is the instructor's daughter for safekeeping. Vijay and Aarti raid Khan's illegal go downs and kills many of his men. Desh and Imran have grown up to be master thieves and pickpockets. Khan goes to Aarti house to kill her and steal the necklace. Aarti jumps off the window using a rope ladder . However she loses the necklace which is found by Desh who is attempting a burglary in the same building. Desh realizes that its his mother's necklace where his father has hidden the priceless diamond. Directed by : Deb Mukherjee Produced by : Deb Mukherjee Starring : Mithun Chakraborty,Deb Mukherje,Kaajal Kiran,Yogeeta Bali,Prema Narayan,Kader Khan,Mazhar Khan Music by :Bappi Lahiri Language : Hindi Categories: 1983 filmsHindi-language filmsIndian filmsFilm scores by Bappi LahiriIndian action films Category : Film & Aanimation Licence : Standard YouTube Licence
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