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Published on Jul 04, 2019
#Superhit Classic Hindi Movie#Shyama#Nasir Khan Director : I.S. Johar Producer : Filmistan Writer : I.S. Johar Music : Basant Prakash, Jimmy, S. Mohinder Year : 1952 Cast : Shyama, Nasir Khan, Ram Singh, Murad, Sampson, Vimla, Indira, Prabha, Baldev Mehta, Ram Avtar, Yeshwant, Agha Miraj, Johar, Majnu. Beautiful Indira is an orphan. This chubby, smiling girl looks innocent but is street smart. She and her 3 friends named Fatty, Shorty and Tally, try several ways to earn money but fail every time and keep running further into debts. They want to earn honestly and be independent. Indira tries her luck even in a village, but fails. While returning to Bombay she meets a crook, Jeewan who not only gives her a lift, but also takes her to a Hotel for dinner. There is a Police raid on the hotel and to save her from police, Jeewan introduces her as his wife. He takes out some photos also. Later in the night Indira resists his advances and escapes from there, only to fall prey to a pair of crooks dealing in counterfeit notes. She manages to wriggle out. Finally she and her friends get a job in a hotel as dancers. She meets Rajesh and his three friends who also worked there earlier. They fall in love and decide to get married. He takes her to his house. To her horror she recognises the place as the same Hotel where Jeewan had brought her and the 'Hotel manager' is none other than Rajesh's father. Agitated,Indira tells Rajesh everything, but he does not believe her. He leaves her and to forget her, he joins the secret service of Army. He is sent to Burma border where he has to bust the efforts of a gang who would pass on secret maps to enemy. Madam Chitra and her troup is there to help them. Rajesh recognises that Chitra is Indira. He is caught by the enemy, but Indira and her friends rescue him. Together they bust the gang and arrest them. The gang leader in Jeewan,who is caught red handed. Rajesh-Indira and their three friends too get married happily in the end.
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