Kareena Kapoor ne kyu peheni Bikini..!

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Bollywood Masala

Published on Mar 19, 2019
The Begum of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor is famous for whatever she does. Her clothing, shows, vacation etc are always a topic of Gup for her fans. Mrs. Khan recently appeared in Arbaz Khan's Digital show - 'Pinch by Arbaz', where she slammed the haters with her quirky answers to their online comments. When Arbaz asked her, that it is heard that your son's (Taimur) Nanny earns a salary more than that of a minister, she jokingly said, that should be answered by the Ministers as to what their salary is. All she added on this aspect was that, 'there is no money you can pay for this. The most important thing is that your child should be happy and in safe hands.' Further, when she had to reply to a comment which said 'You no shame Saif, allowing Kareena to wear Bikini?', she gave them a piece of her heart. Kareena instantly replied - 'Who is Saif to Stop me from wearing a Bikini. She shares a very responsible relation with Saif and he Trusts her. Her relation with him is not that Saif will come and tell her, Why are you wearing a Bikini or why are you doing this that? She firther added - 'If I'm wearing a Bikini, there is a reason to it, its because I have to take a Dip'.
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