Ki And Ka | Full Movie | Arjun Kapoor & Kareena Kapoor | Review

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Published on Apr 02, 2016
R Balki is back with yet another gimmicky film, Ki And Ka. Let’s see what this director has to offer us this time around. Ki And Ka tells the story of Kabir and Kia, played by Arjun and Kareena, a pair of unique individuals who seem perfect for each other. Kia is an independent career oriented woman who wants to escape the societal pressure of being a housewife while Kabir is the kind of guy who doesn’t want to enter the rat race and is content with taking care of the house. Against all societal conventions, the duo get married and eventually face a number of trials and tribulations. R. Balki has once again come up with a great premise that works very well in the first half. The story takes all the right twists and turns and manages to stay very entertaining. However, it feels like the writers completely abandon the gender role reversal gimmick in the second half as the movie delves into the personal problems of the individuals. Even though the film explores the concept, it does not offer any sort of conclusion to the issues at hand. Kareena Kapoor hasn’t looked this good in years. Her vivacious, exuberant personality lights up the screen and makes the movie watchable even at the most dull moments. Arjun Kapoor on the other hand falls short. His brooding look feels stale and makes you wish for something more from this actor. Overall, Ki And Ka only manages to skim the surface of the issues it tackles and leaves you feeling unconvinced. Though initially novel and entertaining, the film soon delves into cliches making you wish for a more rounded experience. For the latest events, news and updates in Bollywood, log on and subscribe to and visit our website Follow Us On: Facebook - Twitter - Watch All Exclusive Videos On Your Mobile Devices Download Our Mobile Appilication Iphone: Android:
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