Sultan Full Movie | Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda | Movie Review

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Published on Jul 06, 2016
Salman Khan?s films always follow a certain formula and when you add YRF to the mix you have a very predictable affair. And yet sometimes the familiar is just so nice and comforting that it turns out to be a very good movie. And that is exactly what Sultan delivers. Sultan tells the tale of a Haryanvi wrestler played by Salman who dreams of bagging the gold medal for India at the Olympic games. And Salman being Salman is naturally not content with wrestling with oiled men and so falls in love with a female wrestler played by Anushka Sharma. In the midst of wrestling bouts, our hero finds the time to romance his girl and sing and dance his way to her heart. He eventually realizes his dreams and let?s success go to his head. Things reach a peak and our Sultan hits a new low in life. What follows is his journey as he tries to rekindle his passion for wrestling and Anushka?s love for him as well. Salman Khan is at the peak of his career and he knows it. He has delivered arguably his best performance till date. We don?t mean that he will be winning any national awards for his acting but his sheer versatility will keep you hooked to the film throughout. He can make you laugh, dance, sing and cry and all of that with an easy charm that few young actors can hope to ever achieve. Every Salman movie is a platform for Bhai to do what he does best and he has never been this good. Anushka Sharma infuses her own talent into the mix creating a rather heady mixture. Her vibrant performance complements bhai?s boisterous one very well. Randeep Hooda too manages to hold his own. Director Ali Abbas Zafar doesn?t deliver the most water-tight film but he definitely knows how to entertain his audience. The plot holes of the script are easily overshadowed by the spectacular visuals and Zafar takes care to avoid overdoing any aspect of the film. The songs of course are already chart busters and are exactly what you would expect in a film of this kind. Overall, Sultan is the perfect Salman Khan film. It is a fun and entertaining joyride meant to be enjoyed by lovers of populist cinema. The prudes and ?serious cinemagoers? might want to stay away from this one too and will simply have to accept that Salman will always play to the crowd. For the latest events, news and updates in Bollywood, log on and subscribe to and visit our website Follow Us On: Facebook - Twitter - Watch All Exclusive Videos On Your Mobile Devices Download Our Mobile Appilication Iphone: Android:
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