Nawazuddin Siddiqui doesnt find this funny

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Bollywood Masala

Published on Apr 01, 2015
A recent series of events have left Nawazuddin Siddiqui fuming! Known for his meticulous acting techniques Nawaz has been ridiculed by a social media knucklehead who has a Twitter handle in his name and makes fun of his past at every given opportunity. ?Meme's? have been floating around with the tag, ?Gareeb Aadmi? (poor man). Reacting to the same, an angry Nawaz said, ?Haan main gareeb aadmi hoon, it?s true. They are not calling me a murderer so why should I be ashamed? The person whose brain wave this handle was should be ashamed of passing racist remarks in the guise of jokes. We were poor then but are doing better now. You can call me all kinds of names but you can?t question my talent. I?ve used my acting skills and come up in life.?
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