Raksha Bandhan Significance l BK Laxmi Didi l रक्षाबंधनाचे अध्यात्मिक रहस्य l Brahma Kumaris

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Published on Aug 14, 2019
Today it is Rakshabandhan( an Indian festival of brother and sister ). I wish you all many many good wishes on this festival. It is really deals with zenith feelingse.It has a great moral message.But if we have just a look towards our societyWe can feel that the feelings and the spirituality behind this festival is merged somewhere.And now this festival has become just a practice.In this festival giving and taking has become a prominent feature.Actually this festival is a symbol of selfless love, sacredness.It consisted a feeling of security. But now this has come to an end. Now as this festival is at the cornerA sister starts thinking what should I ask to brother as gift.Or what should I demand for?Brother's also think what should they gift to their sister on this festival. It means the motive of this festival is finished now. If we try to know the history of Rakshabandhan, In olden time this festival was not limited between brother and sister. It was celebrated by people of all ages and different religions. In India Brahmin are supposed to be sacred. So in those days Brahmin use to arrive and tie a Rakhi (a sacred thread ) on the wrist of host. It was supposed a religious ritual. Again if you study the history, you will come to know that some Hindu queens tied a Rakshasutra to an Emperor like Humayun. And this Mughal Emperor too helped these queens. This is above any religious beliefs. Deity Indrayani also tied a Rakshasutra to deity Indra when he was defeated by the devils and had lost his everything.At such times deity Indrayani tied him the symbol of purity Selfless love and affection And saved and helped him with the power of purity to regain his powers and wealth.Again Yami (sister of deity Yam )Tied this Rakshasutra to her brother Yam. And he told her that those who will tie this Rakshasutra they will be saved from the punishment of devils.But today in this Kaliyug(Iron age)This festival is celebrated only by brother and sister. Because the relation of brother and sister is of love and affection. It is a purest relationship. But in this Kaliyug all these feelings are finished and the relations have become impure due to libido and selfishness.But today we see that these all things are done just as rituals. These all rituals consist of a high consciousness, If we celebrate this with that high consciousness no doubt we will experience an immortal love and happiness. After that sister ties a silk thread on her brother's wrist. Tying the silk thread on the wrist reminds him that whatever work or acts he do with these hands it should be pure and sacred. These acts should be in the remembrance of God. Such acts would help us to earn some righteous deeds.Hence this festival is also known as Punya pradayak (earning virtuousness ). When a sister ties Rakhi on her brother's wrist, she ties knots of this thread. These knots stand for some specific message. Few years ago, to remember the things women use to tie knots to the hem of her Saree and men to a hanky. Thus these knots were like a reminder. In today's world we set a reminder in mobiles. But in olden days tying a knot to the hem was a reminder. Also at the time of marriage in India, a knot is tied between the hem of husband and wife in front of the whole society. This says that they are taking oath to stand with each other, they will understand each other well. Thus when a sister ties a Rakhi or ties knots of this silk threads she tells to her brother that the sister who tied this Rakhi on your wrist You should always be ready to protect her. But it is not possible that in every situation brother will be there to protect her. So a sister also wants to tell her brother that if you sight any woman in society if is suffering from any evil or injustice You should see your sister in her and must help her. in Brahmakumaris center this Rakshabandhan is celebrated in a special way. Here every man and women is tied with this holy Rakshasutra or Rakshamani. Physically even we are male or female, but every soul is the child of God Shiva. Every soul is a Godly offspring. And every soul can be protected by God always and everywhere. In fact as an example of Mahabharata, to protect Droupadi, God himself arrived. In the same way to protect every soul in the world God will arrive. Nowadays in the whole society there is an adversity of character Or a woes of purity is arised. Every human being is immersed in libido. For that at such time of sinfulness, At time of perversion The ocean of Purity, God himself arrives in the world. And ties this Rakshasutra to every male and female And reminds everyone or make every one aware that the symbol of Godly remembrance this Rakshasutra is like an assurance of safety. #RakshaBandhan #RakhiFestival #रक्षाबंधन #राखीपोर्णिमा Raksha Bandhan 2019Raksha Bandhan Brahma KumarisRakhi FestivalFestival Of Rakhi
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