दिवाली स्पेशल: बेसन और मेथी की मठरी | Diwali Delights: Crispy Besan Methi Mathri Recipe | FoodFood

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Published on Nov 15, 2023
Besan aur Methi ki Mathri is a delightful Indian snack combining gram flour (besan) and fenugreek leaves (methi) with a blend of spices. These crispy golden bites are deep-fried to perfection offering a savory and flavorful crunch. Ideal for tea time or festive occasions they add a touch of tradition to every bite. #diwali2023 #diwali #diwalirecipe #diwalisnacks FOODFOOD is now in the USA on DISH Network at Channel No 713. Please Upgrade to hindi mega pack to watch FOODFOOD Click to Subscribe: http://bit.ly/foodfoodIndia Website: http://www.foodfood.com Wonderchef Kitchenware: https://goo.gl/YCPnTY Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoodFood Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoodFood Instagram: http://instagram.com/foodfoodtv
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