Perfect Puran Poli Recipe | Puran Poli Recipe | Puran Poli Recipe in Hindi

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Published on Mar 26, 2023
Puran poli is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet dish. It is a flatbread made from a mixture of chana dal jaggery and wheat flour. The stuffed dough is then rolled up and cooked on a hot griddle. It is served hot with ghee or clarified butter. FOODFOOD is now in the USA on DISH Network at Channel No 713. Please Upgrade to hindi mega pack to watch FOODFOOD #puranpoli #maharastrianrecipe #homemade #indiandessert #sweet puran poli recipe marathi recipe puran poli maharashtrian recipe puran poli how to make puran poli puran poli recipe in hindi gudi padwa recipes gud poli recipe gud puran poli puran poli amti puran poli with wheat flour puran poli amti recipe puran poli easy recipe katachi katachi amti marathi padarth पूरन पोली puran poli marathi puran poli recipe video pooran poli easy puran poli recipe best puran poli recipe homemade puran poli ghee Click to Subscribe: Website: Wonderchef Kitchenware: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
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