Nigah | Episode 1 | Aaminah Haq & Noman Aijaz | Pakistani Drama

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Published on Jul 27, 2015
Nigah is a Pakistani drama serial, released in mid-2002, which attempts to delve into certain, South Asian socio-cultural mindsets. It fared lukewarm with audiences, and has been criticized for its lack of logic. The drama basically revolves around Nigah (Aaminah Haq) and Jawad (Noman Aijaz) who, falling in love soon after their first meeting, plan to get married. The discovery that their fathers (Masood Akhtar and Firdaus Jamal) are old friends only eases things for the couple. But are problems on their way! As a wedding gift, Jawad receives a painting of a bride and a groom. To his shock, the bride in the picture is Nigah! His immediate reaction is doubt, which soon converts into hatred as Jawad begins to think that Nigah is unfaithful. Nigah tries to convince him of her innocence, but he refuses to listen. Things continue to worsen and, ultimately throwing Nigah out of the house, Jawad attempts to start a relationship with his cousin, Shama (Irum Hasan), whom he had earlier rejected. Needless to say, the attempt fails as, deep inside, he still feels for Nigah. The groom in the picture, on the other hand, is Daniyal, a wealthy and prosperous businessman. Fate is unkind to him, too, and his picture with Nigah is published in newspapers by enemies as soon as he gets engaged to a girl, Aashi. His character, like Nigah's, comes under the shadow of doubt, and he is shattered mentally and emotionally. Through a twist, Daniyal and Nigah meet each other, and set out to solve the mystery of the portrait. Directed by : Abu Al Hassanat Written by : Seema Ghazal Starring : Aaminah Haq, Noman Aijaz, Masood Akhtar, Firdaus Jamal, Irum Hasan, Farah Hussain, Iqbal Hussain
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