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The 8th edition of Aegis Graham Bell Award

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Published on Feb 13, 2018
We have the vision to portray India as a conspicuous innovative hub for rising brilliance and virtuosity. We were often questioned about panache and endowment of our countrymen for being at power to the innovations of next Indian Google or Indian Microsoft. But, satirically those companies are lead by Indians. But, it was by 2010, that we realised that recognition in India is important showcasing innovators and their innovations that are changing the life of millions Aegis Graham Bell Awards, an initiative of Aegis School of Business, Data Science and Telecommunication and organised with the support of COAI; Telecom Center of Excellence, Convergence India and Deloitte India as a knowledge partner. This award since its inception in 2010 has grown as one of the largest and prestigious award in the field of Telecom & SMAC. This award promotes #innovation and #entrepreneurship and provides recognition for path-breaking contributions by the awardees. We believe these initiatives are necessary to develop an ecosystem for innovation in India. Our initiative is also intended to honour the best brains that can be groomed as leaders and scholars.
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