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If Ramdev Baba was an App !! (Smart Yoga Assistant by Aegis Students)

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Published on May 04, 2022
Have you ever wondered if you're doing yoga right If 300 million yogis throughout the world rely on youtube videos to practice a 5000-year-old tradition? Suraj Shivakumar Aman Tripathi and Akshay Dharmik started working on this app Smart Yoga Assistant a few months ago with the help of Data Science and Machine Learning techniques to provide users with a platform where they could learn and get their posture corrected from anywhere at almost no cost through voice feedback. All you need is a decent web camera and you can learn yoga from anywhere! This is only a small sample of what Aegis School of Business Data Science Cyber Security and Telecommunication students are capable of. #students #datascience #machinelearning #yoga #assistant #ramdev #memes #innovation #ai #expectationsvsreality #meditation
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